Adult Braces: It’s Not Too Late to Get a Confident Smile

Getting older can keep you from many things. Using the kids’ slang, drinking more than two glasses of wine, or even that Saturday morning rugby game you used to play in college might be a bit harder now that you’re older, but what aging can’t take away from you is the ability to improve your smile. 

At Sohn Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves the confidence of a straight smile, no matter their age. In fact, one in every five of our patients is an adult! It can feel intimidating to think about getting adult braces, but it’s not too late to get a confident smile with Dr. Sohn’s help! With an easy process and discrete treatment options, getting braces as an adult is a no-brainer. Keep reading to learn why!

Why Get Adult Braces?

Imagine you have a friend named Vanessa. Vanessa is a 29-year-old teacher who wants to straighten her teeth without looking like her teenage students. She’s looking for a sophisticated treatment plan that corrects her smile without attracting notice. She’s never had braces before, so she tried Invisalign to correct her overbite, and the results are phenomenal! 

Her students never even noticed she was undergoing treatment at Sohn Orthodontics, and her fellow teachers only asked where they could get their teeth straightened, just like her!

Now Vanessa’s new grin is happy, healthy, and straight!

Like Vanessa, many adults feel self-conscious about their smiles but feel like wearing braces as an adult can be intimidating. With so many benefits, however, you’ll forget all about the age factor and embrace the reasons to get started as soon as possible!

Cleaner Teeth 

We all know how important it is to brush twice a day to keep the cavities away, but what most people don’t know is that crooked teeth can increase the risk of cavities for even the most frequent brusher. Because cavity-causing plaque thrives in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, it loves misaligned teeth. 

However, by straightening your smile, you’ll decrease the surface area for plaque buildup, and you’ll enjoy a happier, cleaner smile overall. 

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Cosmetics aren’t the only reason to get braces as an adult, but our Sohn Orthodontics patients love the confidence boost they get when we reveal their brand-new smiles. Straight teeth can improve the look and feel of your smile and can even address issues like facial asymmetry or “weak chin,” an overbite issue that causes your chin to recede into your neckline. 

By fixing these orthodontic problems through treatment, you’ll look and feel more attractive and confident in no time. 

Adult Braces: It's Not Too Late to Get a Confident SmilePrevent Bone Erosion

As you age, your bone density could take a hit. Bone density issues are especially common in pre- or post-menopausal women, which can also affect your teeth. Because your teeth apply pressure on your jaws, this pressure stimulates bone growth. If your teeth are misaligned, however, this could leave you with uneven bone growth, which could cause weak areas in your jaw that might hurt you down the road. 

Straightening your teeth ensures that your jaws stay healthy and strong, helping you avoid erosion and keep your beautiful smile for years to come. 

Improve Your Digestion

Stomachaches are common in adults, but it’s not always easy to tell what causes them. Is it stress? Is it IBS? Is it something else?

You might be surprised to find that there is a major link between crooked or crowded teeth and digestive problems. Misaligned teeth can make chewing difficult, and improper chewing can wreak havoc on your stomach. 

Adult-Friendly Orthodontic Treatment Options

Picture this: Josh just got engaged to the love of his life. When he proposed, his fiancee took so many pictures, but all he could think about looking back was how self-conscious he felt about his smile. Why? Josh had braces when he was a teen, but he forgot to wear his retainer, and a few of his teeth shifted out of line. 

He didn’t want to go through the process of wearing metal braces again, but he wanted to pull his teeth in line as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Fortunately, Dr. Sohn recommended a happy medium between metal braces and Invisalign: clear braces. After treatment at Sohn Orthodontics, Josh’s smile was wedding-ready, just in time for the photos!

At Sohn Orthodontics, there’s a treatment plan for every need. Although traditional braces are the most popular way to straighten your smile, we offer several unique treatment plans to match your individual smile goals. Depending on your orthodontic condition, we’ll help you choose the right treatment plan for you at your free consultation. 

Metal Braces

Because metal braces are typically the most cost and time-effective option, many adults take this traditional route to a straighter smile. With this treatment method, Dr. Sohn secures brackets to your teeth using a special orthodontic glue. By tightening the connecting wires with gentle and steady pressure, your teeth will gradually shift in line. 

Clear Braces

Like metal braces, this treatment option is cost and time-effective and uses a system of brackets and wires to straighten your teeth. This method works well for patients with moderate to severe orthodontic issues. Instead of metal braces, clear braces use white ceramic brackets that match the color of your teeth, so your treatment is less visible. 

If you’re looking to discreetly straighten your teeth as an adult and our team recommends a more intensive treatment, give clear braces a try. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Our Invisalign treatment is an excellent option for adult patients looking to straighten their smile without the bulky brackets and wires of braces. Using a series of clear plastic trays custom-made to fit your unique smile, clear aligners straighten your teeth with comfort and ease. 

Many adults turn to Invisalign to get the straight smile they’re looking for. Because these clear trays are almost invisible, no one will ever know you’re being treated. 

Adult Braces: It's Not Too Late to Get a Confident SmileTreat Yourself to a Beautiful Smile

Whether this is your first time wearing braces or you’ve worn them before, getting the smile you love just makes sense no matter what age you are. At Sohn Orthodontics, we offer a wide variety of timely, cost-effective, and discreet treatment plans to give you a smile you’ll love. 

For the love of self-care, schedule your free consultation in Bridgeville today! We can’t wait to see you smile.