The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

When you and your family settle down into a tight-knit community like Bridgeville, you are ready to put down roots. Turns out, that’s exactly how we feel at Sohn Orthodontics! Many local orthodontic offices are essential parts of a local community’s healthcare and economic resources, and at Sohn Orthodontics, we are no different.

Join us as we support our community through local, accessible orthodontic care. It’s thanks to our amazing patients that we are able to be open and offer services to others who might need them! While there are other online orthodontic options out there, we think that choosing a local orthodontist is the best choice for so many reasons. Keep reading to see why you should consider a local orthodontist near you. 

Multiple Treatment Options

Having the ability to choose which treatment works best for you and your family is one of the best things about going to a local orthodontist! At Sohn Orthodontics we offer a few options to our patients, including:

Metal Braces

Metal braces are a classic for a reason. Though they have been used for aligning teeth for many years, they have continued to improve with technology and get better, more efficient, and more cost-effective over time, too. They pair well with other devices like palatal expanders and rubber bands, making them the right choice for patients who have more severe conditions that need to be treated with special treatments. 

Ceramic Braces

If you are looking for all the aligning power of braces but in a more discreet form, then ceramic braces are for you! Made out of tooth-colored ceramic, these braces are super effective at adjusting teeth and work well for adults and older teens who want to look more like themselves while they undergo treatment.


Invisalign aligners are an amazing orthodontic treatment that has slowly become more popular and accessible over the past 20 years. They are made of clear plastic and fit directly over your teeth to gently push them into alignment. Dr. Sohn loves recommending these to her patients that have less severe orthodontic needs. Aside from building the habits of wearing and caring for them, they are an easy alternative to traditional methods. 

Personalized Financing

You wouldn’t expect to pay for most major medical expenses up front, and the same goes for orthodontics. When you order aligners online, you are required to pay according to their arbitrary requirements. At our practice, we work with each patient, as well as most insurance companies, to create a unique plan that works for your needs. We don’t want finances to be the reason that patients can’t get the care they need, so give us a call and discuss our payment options! 

Focus on Health and Cosmetics

There are a few ways to get a prettier smile, but only one way to get a healthy and stunning smile. That’s through orthodontic care from an orthodontist specialist. Online aligner programs might be able to shift your teeth, but there really is no guarantee that it won’t impact what is happening under the surface and cause bigger problems later on. Some patients have experienced nerve damage, jaw pain, and tooth loss, all because their orthodontic health wasn’t taken into account while getting treatment. 

At Sohn Orthodontics, we will always take all of your oral needs into account, crafting a gorgeous smile that will also last a lifetime. 

The Customer Care You Deserve

While many people assume that it would be more convenient to have aligners show up at their door instead of going into a local orthodontist’s office, we can’t help but disagree. For anyone who has ever wasted their time waiting to speak to a customer service professional who knows nothing about their problems or how to solve them, there is another way! 

Come to Sohn Orthodontics where we have an entire team of professionals who are available to you to offer care and support at every step of your treatment. We are only a quick phone call away to answer any of your big or small questions, no middlemen necessary. You will get to know the people who care for you, book appointments, manage finances, and of course, Dr. Sohn who will oversee your entire treatment. There’s nothing like that personal touch, and it’s definitely worth making the drive.

Early Interventions

Did you know that most orthodontists recommend that children as young as seven years old should come in for an assessment? Catching problems early and addressing them while children are still young and developing is by the far the easiest and most effective way to go.

Of course, it’s possible for adults to also receive the supportive care that they need, but sometimes require more extensive methods like surgeries. If you have kids who are seven or older, consider taking them to your local orthodontist office for a visit to have the doctor evaluate them, and share treatment plans and ideas before you have to deal with more later!

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local CommunityJoin Us at Sohn Orthodontics

So what do you say? Are you ready to have the smile of your dreams from a team you can trust? Call Sohn Orthodontics today to set up your own free consultation appointment! This is where you can sit down with Dr. Sohn and map out possible treatment options, timelines, and costs so that you can be ready to make the best decision for you. We hope you don’t wait any longer for that sparkling smile, and we’ll see you in our office soon!