Finding The Right Orthodontist For You

What’s the first thing you do when you want to know more about a particular medical treatment or procedure? Most people begin by looking for an experienced provider who will be able to answer their questions and meet their specific needs. The same holds true when it comes to your smile! Finding a qualified orthodontist you feel comfortable with and confident in is the foundation of any orthodontic journey. But where do you start? Having so many practices to choose from can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure about what your next steps should be. Sohn Orthodontics is here to help! Keep reading below to learn more about some of the factors you should consider when looking for the right orthodontist for your smile.

Back to basics: what is an orthodontist?

If you imagine dentistry as a big umbrella, you would find orthodontics sitting underneath it. Orthodontists are essentially dentists who have had extra education and training in diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned teeth and jaws in patients of all ages.

A dentist who has completed four years of dental school and wants to become an orthodontist must complete at least two additional years of study in an orthodontic residency program. These programs are intense and competitive, often accepting only the top students in any dental school graduating class. Throughout their residency, orthodontists will study oral disease, biomedical science, and biomechanics, along with various orthodontic techniques and treatment options. This will give them the skills they need to manage the movement of the teeth and help guide facial development. 

No wonder so few dentists also become orthodontists! It takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. Dr. Sohn is a perfect example! After earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, she went on to receive a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh. This was followed by a Master of Dental Sciences and a Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. Knowing how much training, experience, and education is behind Dr. Sohn means you’re putting your smile into the best possible hands. 

Now that you know what an orthodontist actually is, let’s look at how you should go about finding one that’s the perfect fit for you!

The 3 R’s of finding an orthodontist that’s right for you


Word of mouth is an important tool when you’re looking for a provider you can trust to take care of your needs. Ask around and find out who your family, friends, and coworkers recommend—and why! This will give you a better idea of where to start looking in your community. Since you’ll likely be receiving multiple recommendations, consider visiting each practice’s website to learn a little bit more about them before you commit to a consultation! This leads to…


It will be beneficial to do some simple research before scheduling a consultation with any particular practice. By taking your own specific needs, wants, and preferences into account at this early stage of planning, you’ll be able to narrow your results accordingly.

Think about the location of the office, for instance. Is there only one location, or multiple offices? Do you need your orthodontist to be close to school, work, or home for the sake of convenience? Our Bridgeville office is positioned right in the heart of town, so you’re never far away from where you need to be!

Are you looking for a variety of treatment options to choose from? At Sohn Orthodontics, we offer more than just traditional metal braces. Clear braces and Invisalign aligners give patients a more subtle way to straighten their smile. 

Does your current insurance plan cover orthodontic care? Are you looking for an option to pay up front? Besides offering a convenient location and multiple treatments, we also offer flexible treatment options! Once we’ve determined if your insurance will cover your treatment, we can file it for you, then come up with a monthly payment plan that fits your family’s budget. We also offer a discount if you pay in full before treatment begins.

If you’re worried about hidden fees or unexplained charges, you can rest easy knowing that our practice will always ensure you understand the total investment required for your new smile before we ever even begin treatment. 


Reviews are similar to referrals, but differ in that they are submitted by people you probably don’t know on Yelp, Google, and even Facebook. Credible testimonials can be a great source for information when selecting an orthodontist! They’re full of all kinds of valuable information, giving you a better look at the “big picture” of a doctor and their practice. This can be helpful for anticipating what to expect, even before you make an appointment.

Finding The Right Orthodontist For You

Could Sohn Orthodontics be the right fit for you and your smile?

At the end of the day, choosing an orthodontist is a personal decision. We know that you have many choices available to you, and that’s one reason why we try our hardest to stand out from the crowd!

Our expert team aims to provide customized care and a variety of comfortable treatment options to patients of all ages in Bridgeville and the surrounding communities. We’ve got the skills, knowledge, and world-class technology to help you achieve improved oral health and a fully functional mouth. It’s our goal to give you a rewarding orthodontic experience, from the first visit to the unveiling of your beautiful new smile!

If you’ve been looking for the right orthodontist for you, we’d love for you to consider Sohn Orthodontics! We encourage you to get in touch today to book your FREE consultation, and take the first step towards a confident smile you’ll want to share with the world.