What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Forget about adjusting your diet or lifestyle for orthodontic treatment. At Sohn Orthodontics, we are excited to offer clear aligner therapy, a modern solution that puts the control of your smile transformation in your hands. Wondering what it’s like to get fitted for clear aligners at our office? Let’s walk through the process together.

Beginning Your In Journey

Your journey to a straighter smile begins with your free consultation at our office. This visit lets us fully assess your orthodontic needs and discuss the potential for clear aligner therapy to address your specific conditions. 

We encourage you to bring a list of questions and any relevant dental records that can help us craft a more detailed treatment plan. During this time, our team will also take the opportunity to introduce you to the technologies we use so you’ll understand what your treatment will entail.

Mapping Out Your Route

Once we decide to proceed with clear aligners, we’ll use cutting-edge X-ray and scanning technology to map out the precise movement of your teeth throughout the treatment. This planning phase is key as it lays the foundation for your custom aligners and each adjustment phase. 

With our advanced software, we can predict how your teeth will move with each set of aligners and provide a clear visual representation of your treatment timeline and expected outcomes.

Creating Your Aligners

At Sohn Orthodontics, we prioritize your health and safety by using only the highest quality, biocompatible materials to make your aligners. These materials are durable and specifically chosen to reduce irritation and allergic reactions. 

Each aligner is crafted to follow the unique contours of your teeth, so you’ll have a precise fit that boosts both comfort and effectiveness in shifting your teeth into their correct positions.

What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Supporting You Through Treatment

You can count on continuous support from our team throughout your clear aligner treatment. Regular check-ins let us monitor your progress and adjust the aligners as needed. We offer flexible scheduling for these appointments to accommodate your lifestyle and make sure that each visit is as informative and reassuring as possible. 

Our patient support extends beyond in-person visits—we provide resources and tools online to help you manage your treatment effectively at home.

Understanding Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners represent a huge shift in orthodontic technology, offering solutions for a range of alignment issues, from simple cosmetic adjustments to more complex dental problems. 

These aligners are custom-crafted and are specifically built to provide a balance between controlled forces and to ensure your comfort. 

Using this advanced material, clear aligners create a smoother and more predictable path to your perfect smile with minimal discomfort. Plus, using a clear material means you can go through treatment without anyone knowing.

Why Clear Aligners Stands Out

Beyond their less noticeable appearance, clear aligner therapy offers convenience and confidence. Unlike metal braces, clear aligner trays are removable, allowing for easier cleaning and eating. As long as you wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day, your smile will stay on track.

This combination of functionality, aesthetics, and lifestyle flexibility makes clear aligner therapy a preferred choice for adults and teens who seek treatment that fits into their busy lives.

Answering Your Clear Aligner Questions

At Sohn Orthodontics, we’ve seen our share of clear aligner therapy patients and the successes of their treatments. We’ve also heard a lot of questions and have collected some of our most common ones for you to read below.

How much do clear aligners cost, and is it covered by insurance?

The cost of clear aligner treatment can vary, similar to traditional braces, depending on the complexity and duration of the treatment. Many insurance plans cover clear aligner therapy just as they would other orthodontic treatments. We can help you understand your coverage during your consultation.

What is the typical duration for clear aligner treatment?

The duration of your clear aligner treatment varies depending on your dental needs but generally ranges from 12 to 24 months. During your consultation, we can provide a more precise timeline based on your specific conditions.

How do I care for my clear aligners?

Caring for your clear aligners involves rinsing them under lukewarm water and brushing them gently with a toothbrush and clear, unscented soap or mild dishwashing soap. It’s important to avoid hot water as it can warp the plastic. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of bacteria and staining.

How effective is clear aligner therapy compared to traditional braces?

Clear aligner uses advanced 3D imaging technology to make a personalized treatment plan for each patient, which can be as effective as traditional braces for many common dental alignment issues. The effectiveness largely depends on the complexity of the case and your compliance with wearing the aligners as prescribed.

Are there any dietary restrictions with clear aligner therapy?

One of the best advantages of clear aligners is that there are no dietary restrictions. You can remove your aligners to eat and drink whatever you like. Just make sure you brush your teeth before reinserting the aligners to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Begin Your Clear Aligner Journey at Sohn Orthodontics

Achieving a brilliant smile is a journey, not an overnight miracle. At Sohn Orthodontics, we are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way with clear aligners. Contact us in Bridgeville for a free consultation and start your journey towards a stunning new smile today!